It’s All in a Name

A dog breeder we know asked us one time if we could produce a dog name plate that attaches to the dog kennel, with of course the dog’s name.

After making up some sketches and layouts the oval kennel name plate was born. It has a sturdy metal back with two “eyes” to hold the ‘S” hooks. The front is then lasered out of coloured acrylic in a variety of colours. Along with that is your dogs breed and name and any other information that you find may be important.

We have also done nameplates for Cats, Roosters, Chickens, Parrots, and guinea pigs!

A few interesting dog facts:

  • Their sense of smell is up to 40 x better that ours.
  • They can sniff at the same time a breathing.
  • Some breeds are fast enough they could outrun a cheetah.

Our top five names that we do most often.

  1. Jasper
  2. Boomer
  3. Tank
  4. Bella
  5. Molly

If you are interested in more on our Dog name plates have a look here. We have outfitted may large kennels across North America, isn’t it time you did yours?

Proudly made in Canada