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Have a look below at a few of the questions we receive, if you need more information please don't hesitate to call.



Q. Will you do jewelry?

A. In most cases we will not unless it is a flat piece ex: a watch. If it is a ring we will guide you to another shop that does this.


Q. How much is it to get a name on a piece of wood?

A. The more info we have when you contact us the better we are to quote the job. It helps us a lot to know size, amount, if you have artwork, the list goes on.


Q. WOW that seems like a lot for stainless!

A. Yes it does, for marking  we use a spray on product that is really, really expensive.  Once the piece is marked the product is washed off, never to be used again. So the price reflects this. The mark however will not peel, flake, or rub off (decals beware). So in the end the price reflects the quality.


Q. Can I bring my own glasses?

A. You sure can, let us know when requesting a quote. We also suggest a couple extra (2 or 3) for just in case mishaps. Generally things go very well. We are also able to get glasses for you so you can focus on other things.


Q. What file can I send?

A. We use CorelDraw here so DXF, DWG, AI, PDF and more can be opened.


Q. Will you draw?

A. Yes sure can, if you send a photo of a drawing on a ketchup covered napkin we will figure it out ..that is what we do. There will be a charge to get it laser ready, we will be up front with that.



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